Printers & Tools

We have four 3D printers online at Bonny Eagle Middle School with three of them being able to the school and one tied to a specific classroom teacher via a DonorsChoose grant.

If you would like to view my recommended material list for budgeting for supplies, please click here to go to the Google Document.

Our Printers


We use a few brands of PLA filament at BEMS. The two most common ones are shown below. Based on our submission process for print jobs, we also can estimate the cost of each print job with decent accuracy. A basic price point for each filament brand is included below. 
  • Makerbot: $0.05 per gram or $0.16 per meter
  • Hatchbox: $0.02 per gram or $0.07 per meter
The colors we currently have available in the school's filament stock are:

Tools We Use


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