6th Grade Student Keychains Designed with Tinkercad

3D printing has started to spread into more areas of Bonny Eagle Middle School. Mrs. McCarthy's 6th grade advisory students have started to explore the world of 3D designing with TinkerCAD by creating their own keychains. Some of the students used the "Lesson: Key ring, letters!" tutorial through Tinkercad while other branched off to create their own design. Each of the designs was then exported as an STL file before being printed with our Flashforge Finder, which was donated through the Perloff Foundation. The printing was recorded using Ipevo Presenter's time lapse function and then exported at 4 frames per second to the videos you see below.

We have several more students in the class who are fine tuning their designs before printing, so be sure to check back to see more of our printers in action!


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